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D&W: Spezialisten für Datenbank-Design und Erfinder der Fuzzy Information Retrieval Methodik (FIRM)


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FADB in Deutsch

The state of lighting of the moon as it seems from earth is a natural fuzzy property as its value is right now  

F = 0,7151438229832… from full moon (estimated)

But this moment is already gone as we cannot keep this value timely accurate - especially because the value changes permanently.

Another example of a fuzzy property ...why ...J... will be explained soon-:

The cruising range of a vehicle with one tankful is about 350 to 1000 km. This is today the "technical bandwidth" for all gas powered cars. A car with a cruising range of 720 km has so as a fuzzy property a reach of F = 0,5692307692… within the defined bandwidth. If one now adds to all possible attributes their "fuzzy descriptors" they can be compared with their similarity grades. This has extreme consequences of the useful kind.

Nothing less than this idea - aside some others - was motive for us to design and implement a fuzzy-selection-database for all kinds of objects.

This is a world-innovation. Presumably. An explanation of the base idea follows. As you should not believe but understand what we propose and test our product free of charge if you want!

With the first step of your order you will have the opportunity to learn more about the idea, the product and its chances.



What we reckon: "the fuzzy-selection-database is unique in the world."  - this is at least what we believe and argue - but only because we don't know any likely universal technique. So, we ask you. do you know of one? Please mail us: fuzzy(at)hduw.de!


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